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Discovering Downriver

By Linda Francetich

As published in the Trenton Trib, November 2015 Edition

What is your impression of Downriver?  Does world-class walleye fishing, twenty miles of boating glory along the Lake Erie/Detroit River shoreline, community festivals, or the dynamic display of fireworks during the summer months come to mind?  What about the hockey talent that Downriver proudly cultivates year after year?  To name one of many, Defenseman Andy Greene, the 32-year-old Trenton native, was recently named captain of the New Jersey Devils.

Like so many towns across the United States, Downriver is truly a unique community.  Twenty-two cities total, according to the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber.   Whether you live outside of this area or are a Downriver native, there is a rumbling – amongst the accolades –  of a certain amount of smack talk about this area.  The tight-knit community that boasts five of the safest cities in Michigan for 2015 ( Grosse Ile, Huron Township, Riverview, Sumpter Township and Trenton) is unfairly overshadowed by exaggerated visions of factories, crime, and blight.

Let’s be clear: We are neither Birmingham nor Bloomfield.  Nor are we Hollywood or Memphis.  We are DOWNRIVER, the sleepy blue-collar community that is the heart and soul of Middle America, a great place to live, play and work!  Downriver is the engine, as in Trenton engine, that drives the Midwest. The hard working and playing people that introduced the MC5, Bob Seger, and Derek St. Holmes to the music world.

Consider the local mom-and-pop businesses that dominate this area who make up a majority of the business community.  Whether it’s Southpointe Veterinary, Sibley Gardens or Century 21 Riverpointe, to name a few, Downriver supports their local merchants and restaurants.  Corporate America is a welcome visitor here, but this is home of the “Mom and Pops” and entrepreneurs, Middle America’s backbone.

Peter Rose, owner of Chelsea Menswear in Wyandotte states, “We feature countless numbers of Local and Independent businesses that tirelessly ply their trades, creating and nurturing solid and superior choices to shop, dine and eat, in unique, non-cookie cutter settings. There’s no shortage of entrepreneurialism or determination here.”

Downriver residents understand the niche we have.   But where has the voice been to promote the greatness of Downriver?  It’s taken a while, but there’s a new kid in town to make sure Downriver gets some love: is a website committed to this community, and a proud supporter of the Trenton Trib.  Initially intended as a “defender of Downriver,” it has grown to be a reliable source of community service.  For the latest events, area jobs, restaurants or businesses, or deals, look no further than one click

Embrace Downriver!  Shop our shops, dine at our cozy establishments, and kick up your heels at our legendary festivals.   Welcome to Middle America, the engine that drives Michigan!

The author, Linda Francetich, is a web developer who operates Discover Downriver (a subsidiary of Dot Com Web Productions) out of her Trenton office.  Discover Downriver is one of her pet projects, along with the PNC Bank Trenton Roar on the River as a Co-Executive Director.

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