Downriver Nature Resources

If you’re looking to go out and explore some nature, look no further than your backyard! Downriver has plenty of nature preserves and metro parks for residents to tour and relax in.

List of Downriver Nature Preserves and Metroparks

  • Oakwoods Metropark
  • Crosswinds Marsh
  • Southgate Nature Center
  • Sibley Prairie Nature Preserve – West Prairie
  • Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge
  • Grosse Ile Nature & Land Conservancy
  • Gibraltar Bay Nature Area
  • Hennepin Marsh
  • Marshlands Museum & Nature Center
  • Lake Erie Metropark
  • Willow Metropark

To learn more about the Grosse Ile Nature & Land Conservancy, click here.

Also click here to learn about The Detroit River Hawk Watch at Lake Erie Metropark.

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