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Water Activities

Water Trails

Downriver has so many natural resources to enjoy, and one great way to enjoy them is being out on the water. Discover Downriver has compiled a lengthy list of the best water trails in the area which are especially great for kayaking and enjoying the region’s beauty and wildlife.

Boat Launches & Ramps

Do you have a boat or are thinking about purchasing one? Downriver also has multiple boat launches and ramps for when the weather starts getting warm. Check out the one closest to you, and make sure to have a great summer!

Fishing Spots

Enjoy fishing? The Downriver area has some great fishing locations that will be sure to rake you in all the fish. We have four parks where these spots are located, so find out where they are, and contact the parks for any additional information.

Downriver Nature Gallery

Lastly we have our very own nature gallery filled with photos by our wonderful photographer Norm Rutkowske. See for yourself what makes Downriver so full and rich with natural resources and wildlife. We also have a short article about Norm, so make sure to have a read.


Some information provided by:

Riverside Kayak Connection 
Anita M. Twardesky
Community Outreach

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