Military Orgs

Here's a list of the American Legions in Downriver.
American Legion >
Check out the amazing group Downriver for Veterans!
Downriver for Veterans >
Find out more about Victory Gym.
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Here's a list of the VFW Posts in Downriver.


Here's our resource guide for veterans.
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Check out some assistance agencies in the area for veterans.
Assistance Agencies >
Find discounts for veterans at local businesses.
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Check out some resources for first responders!
First Responders Resources >
Find first responder support here.
FR Support >
Check out health resources for veterans!
Health Resources >
Take a look at housing resources for veterans.
Housing >
Check out links to legal and financial assistance for veterans.
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See a list of the monuments and memorials in the Downriver area.
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Find a support group for veterans in Downriver.
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See our tribute to the vets in Downriver!
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Take a look at the military heroes in our community!
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Submit your own military hero here!
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