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Wyandotte Hometown Heroes Win National Competition!

Per the recent Hometown Heroes article published January 25th, 2016, the Wyandotte Wilson Middle School students prevailed in the national competition with Verizon!  This is a follow-up article by Halie Keith who interviewed Wilson Middle School Principal Jason Krajewski:

Q:  How did the school react when the app at Wilson Middle school won?

A: Everyone was extremely excited.  Once the Fan Favorite voting started, our App Challenge team really got the word out to vote for their  project.  Our staff and students have been very supportive during this entire process.

Q: How did the contestants react?

A: The App Challenge team was overjoyed.  As they put it, “Minds Blown.”  They put in so many hours to create the app and then promote it, I don’t think they could be any more excited.  They are all so pumped up to be able to travel to Nashville, Tennessee, for the TSA Conference at the end of June.

Q:  What was your reaction when they won?

A: Relieved!  They worked so hard to accomplish this outcome, it would have been hard to see them not win.  I am obviously excited and happy for our school, but even more for the six students and two teachers who worked on this.

Q:  Do you feel that the community had an impact in the contest? How?

A: The community had a HUGE impact on the outcome of this contest!  The Wyandotte City Council went above and beyond to help us reach the entire Wyandotte community.  The students were able to present their app at, both, city council and school board meetings.  All of our schools, in the district, promoted this on their Facebook pages and building marquees.  There were many people in the community who promoted this on their personal Facebook pages.  Businesses let the students post flyers, it was just amazing.  It is things like this that make me happy and proud to be a Wyandotte resident.

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