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Julie’s List




(Make sure you use the links above to reach Julie’s List.  Do not use links on our Contact Page.)

Julie’s List, created in 2006, is a free resource dedicated to helping the people of Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, Wayne, Washtenaw, and Lenawee counties. The website features many different options including low-cost resources, resume help, and tax services. There are even fun cool links like how to save money while traveling and how to save money for pet parents. The website is said to offer “not only well-known agencies in S.E. Michigan, but private and religious organizations which other “information agencies” do not offer.”

The whole site is run by Julie Kennedy-Carpenter, and she created the list because she believes that “everyone should have access to information regarding help & resources regardless of their educational level and/or abilities or socioeconomic factors,” according to her site.

Partnering with Julie’s List has helped Discover Downriver promote and make accessible job postings in the Downriver area. Both Julie’s List and Discover Downriver believe in continuing to encourage and help the communities that they are in. We at Discover Downriver are excited to keep partnering with Julie’s List and see how the partnership will grow in the future.

If you would like more information about Julie’s list, check out the Facebook page and the main website.

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