Open Book Theatre Company
1621 West Road
Trenton 48183
Haunted @ Open Book Theatre Company

Event Name:Haunted

Location of Event:Open Book Theatre Company 1621 West Road, Trenton 48183

Event Description:Audiences are invited to peer through the windows as two actors – with the help of shadow, light and sound – interpret familiar scary stories. Earlier shows will be appx. 30 minutes and include The Raven and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow , while Extra Haunted shows will also include Dracula (which is scarier and bloodier) and will be offered later.
Adapted and Directed by Sarah Hawkins Rusk. Featuring Eric Niece and Hannah Niece. Lighting design by Harley Miah. Puppeteer Elise Pannamann. Stage Managed by Sarah Drum.
Audiences can reserve a spot to watch from their car, or reserve a socially distanced chair closer to the windows. Performers will wear microphones and there will be speakers outdoors for the audience to hear.Dates of Event:October 9-31Event Link:http://openbooktheatrecompany.net/window-theatre-haunted/

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