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Rockwood, Michigan

Rockwood, Michigan


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By Bethany Newton, Staff Writer Discover Downriver

When Rockwood was first established, it was not called Rockwood. In fact, Rockwood was a part of Brownstown Township until November 10, 1926, when it was incorporated as a village. The boundaries of the new village stretched from Woodruff Road to Streicher Road and from West Jefferson Road to the Huron River. In 1937 though, some land in the East was given back to Brownstown.

Other changes in the 1930s included the building of a state police post on Fort Street, the creation of St. Mary’s School, and the formation of the Rockwood Rotary Club.

After World War II, the Rockwood area saw a boom in housing and business. The creation of the highway I-75 brought many people to the area, and the population grew accordingly. On August 19, 1964, Rockwood officially became a city, and Irving Brewer was the first mayor.

After becoming a city, Rockwood built themselves up by developing new businesses and housing projects. Food Town Plaza opened in 1973, and the Rockwood Community Center opened up in the same decade.

In 1986, Rockwood celebrated 125 years of it being founded with four days of activities.

Today, Rockwood is still growing and more housing developments and businesses are being brought to the area. It’s a great place for families with a great educational system and multiple parks. Rockwood mayor Daniel G. Guzzi prides himself on “protecting the interest of the city of Rockwood and its residents.”

Fun Facts:

  • The first business established was Chamberlin’s Mill in 1818.
  • A thriving basket industry supplied employment for residents from 1862 to 1922.
  • Shipping by boat on the Huron River was incredibly influential for the small village.
  • According to the 2010 census, there are 3,289 people.
  • Many old homes and businesses were demolished to make room for I-75.

Information gathered from the City of Rockwood, “History of Rockwood, Michigan” by Patricia M. Quick and the US Census.

Written by Bethany Newton, staff writer for Discover Downriver.  See more about Bethany here.

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