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Rotarian Partnership Celebrates Ten Years of Serving Their Community

When it comes to mixing the Rotarian spirit of community and vocational excellence, a couple of Michigan Rotary Past Presidents have joined forces to provide a Hometown newspaper with a Rotary-style twist — positive news!

Trenton Rotarians Joe Hoshaw of HPR Media & Promotional Services LLC, who specializes in publication writing and editing and Kathy Kane of Market Insights LLC, a marketing consultant, have teamed up on various work-related projects and Rotarian events for many years when Kathy asked if Joe could edit her bi-monthly publication in September of 2009. After a year of publishing Trenton Tribute, Kathy and Joe partnered officially in order to expand to a monthly free community newspaper for the City of Trenton.

As co-publishers, Kane manages the business affairs and Hoshaw manages the editorial content. The group was renamed the Trenton Trib and the partners continue to feature coverage exclusively for business and residents of Trenton as well as pledging to continue to provide, positive, interesting and uplifting articles on behalf of their community. Five years ago, the partnership started including Grosse Ile township news as well and a portion of the paper is dedicated as the Island Beacon.

The paper started with the two partners, a virtual office, plus a bookkeeper, one salesperson, two freelance
reporters, one intern, and two freelance photographers and distributed 2,800 papers in September 2010. The group now has an office manager, three sales associates, a graphic designer thirty-two contractors including delivery people, reporters/columnist, and photographers. Office space is located in Trenton’s Downtown area and now distributes 10,000 papers per month to 200 locations Downriver.

The Trenton Trib is a community newspaper that publishes a print edition monthly and posts news and other hometown information at, the Island Beacon news is located at The partnership has been publishing a Visitors and Entertainment Guide since 2014 and this year will offer an expanded more readable visitors news called the Downriver Current. The 10,000 Spring/Summer edition will be distributed to high traffic visitor areas in April and the Fall/Winter edition will be distributed in October. The publications accept display and classified advertising through the Web sites or by calling (734) 676-0850.


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